Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall cleaning

We had an enjoyable, but busy, weekend.

Saturday, I dashed off in the morning to hit two fabric stores to replace my botched work and then did grocery shopping (note to self: avoid grocery shopping on weekends in the future!). I got home and just an hour later we left to go to my Mom and Dad's house for the afternoon. We had a great time! The kids picked a ginormous bowl of blackberries (around 6 cups!) which we made into a pie. Jenni, Jason and I played rummy (I won, boo-ya!) and then Scrabble, which Jason won only because he cheated and I wasn't certain enough to challenge the word. Good times. We had grilled rib-eye steaks, coleslaw and potatoes for dinner, followed by our blackberry pie and ice cream. Good eating, that is for sure!

Sunday, we skipped church (I know. I KNOW.) and I devoted myself to cleaning. April is coming over today and I just couldn't be exposed as the poor housekeeper that I truly am. So I scrubbed, swept, folded, sorted, and tidied all day. Jason helped too! Now, lest you feel bad about us working so hard April, its a good thing it got done. We NEED to be forced into this type of cleaning every now and then. Honestly, we should have monthly get-togethers at our house just to keep us on top of the ball.

The weather has been, and is going to be, so nice for the next couple of days. When was the last time we had a 5 day string of 70+ temps at the end of September? Any and all sunny days are welcome, as my tomatoes need every drop of warmth and sunlight they can get. Still green, but slowly getting more and more yellow. Go tomatoes, your time is running short!

Yesterday, amongst the cleaning frenzy, I was able to almost complete the dress I've been working on for an online friend. I just need to put on the ruffle. Its a darling brown flower/polka dot dress. Pictures will be forthcoming once its finished.

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April said...

Oh gosh! You didn't have to do all that cleaning for me! But I bet it was really nice to have it done. Your house did look great today :)