Friday, September 26, 2008

Crazy week

What a long week this has been. With school, doctor appointments and MOPS today, the only day home we weren't out and about was Monday. Over the summer we generally would only go out one or maybe two days a week, so this was an exhausting change. I'm sure once I get into the swing it won't be so tiring.

MOPS started today and I was placed at a table, once again, with no one that I really knew! I always hope that I'll be placed with someone I know, but because our group is pretty large its just so happened that every year its a whole new table. My table mates seem nice though, and I think we'll have a fun year.

Nearly everyone is cold free now, but Ethan is still struggling. He just does not rebound as fast as everyone else. His face is chapped and red and his nose doesn't stop running. I'm wondering if part of it is allergies because with a stuffy nose the prescription nose spray can't get into the sinuses.

An order came in for a dress from my new site and I was on track to have it all finished up this weekend. Until things started going wrong. My measurements were wonky in some way (2 hours of working on it and I'm still not sure why things weren't matching up) and so now I have to go buy more fabric to redo the whole skirt section. I was SO frustrated, especially since I wasted so much time on trying to fix the problem with a creative workaround. Mistakes happen and generally I'm pretty relaxed about them, but some problems are more frustrating than others!

Here's a piece of random trivia about Gwendolyn. She calls her light up tennis shoes her "purple running snaps". Now, they are purple, but the snaps thing really doesn't make any sense.

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