Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, we're recently arrived from my Mom's, after staying there since Sunday. She and Jenni and my Dad are so gracious to host 3 little kids and their Mommy for that long. I know its not easy, especially when you are out of the habit of dealing with little ones on a daily basis. THANK YOU!

We had a good time as always and besides the first night when I slept terribly, I got more rest than usual because my Mom got up with Ethan in the mornings. Nice.

Here are some pictures from Sunday, when Aunt Becki stopped by for a visit.


Becki's handmade chemise and corset. This is the first step in her work towards making this ensemble. These pieces are really impressive!

I've always wanted to lace someone into a corset. The only way it could be more perfect is if she was clutching a bedpost, like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind. Don't worry, no ribs or lungs were hurt in this reenactment!

Later on, we gave the kids a bath in my parents big jacuzzi tub

Elsa had a dip too. She loves being all floaty in water. My baby may look like she has creepy doll eyes, but don't worry, its just the lighting in that room :)

Ethan giving Elsa his "lego guy" so that she feels safe in the water.

You can imagine the fun they had in this! All those bubbles from a stray bar of soap that fell into the tub right before the jets were turned on.

This final picture is the one that makes me the happiest. At the advice of some online friends who I consulted about my blossom end rot, I've been watering the HECK out of my tomato plant. I mean, I'll dump a whole watering can on there in the mornings and maybe even some more at night if the soil is dry again. The thinking was that because it got so enormously huge that it was root bound and because its in a dark pot, its getting warm and absorbing more water than usual. We figured that we had nothing to lose if it killed the plant, so why not. While we were gone I left a hose in there, dribbling out water.


There are 9 tomatoes on the plant now, one bigger than a golf ball now and NO signs of end rot. Its working! If I can get just one tomato I will feel that it wasn't a total failure. Woo hoo!

Jason arrives home tonight around 8pm and will be with us till Sunday when he departs for a week long conference in Vegas. Lucky guy :( I want to stay in a plush hotel room, surrounded by all sorts of high end restaurants. He gets all the fun! My cousin Caitlyn gets married on Saturday evening , so we have quite a busy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tomatos! If this weather keeps up, you'll be having them for dinner before you know it. Some of mine are red now - of course, just when I'm leaving for a week. Jeff will enjoy them, I'm sure. So good to hear from you. I was getting worried.
Love, Grammy

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

I'm jealous!!! We came home from vacation hoping to have all these wonderful ripe tomatoes and all they are ripe with it blight! Arg. Most all of them are rotting and they are still green. So is life as a gardener, right? Ya eat some, ya loose some.