Sunday, September 21, 2008


Jason, Ethan, Elsa and Gwen are all in varying degrees of sickness. Jason brought home a cold from Vegas and it spread to Gwen. Last night Ethan woke up with a "tickly" throat and Elly has a runny nose and little cough this morning. I'm the only one who has not been hit yet. Its nothing all that serious, though Gwennie seems to be getting it the hardest today. She has a fever and her tummy hurts. No one else seems all that weighed down though.

We all had a rather terrible night last night. Kids were up repeatedly for various things, baby didn't sleep (her worst night of sleep since she was born!) and I do think that I burst into tears at least twice during the night. I was sooooo tired and didn't get a chance to sleep.

We're skipping church today (thats the third week in a row. I feel bad) and everyone is lazing around and taking it easy.

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Holly said...

Ack. Cian has a cold that sounds very similar to what you guys have. No fun! I hope everyone at your house gets better soon.