Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yesterday, as part of the "tire ourselves out enough so that we aren't scared to sleep without Daddy in the house" campaign, we met April and her boys at Garfield Park in the afternoon and brought along dinner too.

April trying to keep all 4 of the bigger kids swinging.

Ethan and... a juice box.

Its hard to teeter, when there is no totter

Finding a more even weight distribution, but neither kid was heavy enough to make it go. So April helped.

Then Ethan wanted in on the action!

Almost... so close... to having my two oldest looking at the camera AND smiling.

Ethan is kind of a 'fraidy-cat. Its just his nature. So him on these ropes is a big step!

April spinning her boys, Giblet on the left and Grady on the right, in the spinny seat until they were dizzy!

Ethan trying to lift Grady onto the cement frog. He was shocked by how much heavier Grady was than Elly!

April holding Elsa on one of her brief appearances from napping, and, as April called, "the boobcave". See her blog for the referring picture :)

Its time to go when you get this face and the words, "But Moooooommmmyyyyy". Whining. A surefire way to know your play time is done ;)

This is picture I took of Gwen on Friday when we were at the grocery store. She's been eyeing this horse for awhile. She found it quite lacking in excitement, unfortunately. She told me next time she won't waste her quarter on THAT. She'll use it for a gumball.

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