Monday, September 29, 2008

A dress done for Monkeytoes, and other assorted pictures

For some reason these two pictures crack me up. Perhaps I'm an evil Mommy, but I've always thought that baby/toddler angry faces are hilarious. I don't let them get frustrated or angry for my own enjoyment, but when they happen and I catch one on film, I do enjoy giggling.

All is fine with the three. This was when everyone was sick and was crashing on the couch watching TV. No, the baby wasn't sitting there for ages watching TV, I'd put her down for a few minutes so I could get some things done.

Not two seconds later... ANGRY BABY. I understand if you don't get my humor. But I'm sorry, her angry face is pretty funny. Ethan's all, "Wow, that's loud" and Gwen is "Whatever".

A few days ago, Gwennie snuggling Elly and putting her to sleep!

At the park today, with April and her boys.

And finally, the dress I sewed up for Monkeytoes (that's her online name, if you couldn't tell). Isn't it cute? I love polka dots.

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Murphy's Law said...

Aw, what cute kids, Kristi! They're all so beautiful. And I admit, I love mad pictures too. It's so rare to catch them on camera!

I'm glad they're still using the blanket!