Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Elsa Toes

It appears that my cousin Holly and I had similar nights with our respective babies.

Elsa was up pretty much all night. Fuss fuss fuss, and no relief. She woke up for good around 4:30am and would not go to sleep, nor lay quietly in bed with me, or even nurse. So we got up. And already I can barely keep my eyes open. This does not bode well for my day.

To remind myself why I do not run from the house screaming and pulling my hair out after such evenings and nights like these, I present Elsa and her newly discovered toes.

She was diaperless, which only added to her joy. And as you can see, she's on her side. She's this "" close to rolling over.

The toes are almost in reach. Excitement building!

"Are those it Mom? Do I have them?"

"Yes! Life is good."


Deanne said...

I LOVE the sequence of pictures of Elsa getting those toes...such unabashed joy! You are so right, when days (or more importantly, Nights!) are long, you really have to focus on the why you are doing this and the who you are doing it for. But we all know that the hard times are the bonding times. You pictures say it all... :-)

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

ROFL, that is aDORable! Great pictures!!! You made my morning. Isn't it sweet how after a night like that the Lord gives us such deep joy in our children when we look for it? This too shall pass, this too shall sister always said and it stuck like gum in a two year olds hair.

Holly said...

Is it a full moon or something? Man! Cian finally went back to sleep but woke every hour after 3:30am and then woke up for the day at 6am. At least we are in good company today, huh? :)

I love those pics of Elsa! So sweet.

Murphy's Law said...

Aw, Kristi, she's adorable! I can't get over how much she looks just like Ethan (but a very feminine version - she's all girl!)

I love her big smile and her chubby legs! Too cute.