Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catchng up

I have not been in the blogging mood at all this week, so I have a lot to catch up on now. I hate that!

We did our regular pre-school routine this week. I had no free time while they were in school because I had so many errands to run. But its good that I'm able to run those errands with a smaller number of children because it does make it easier!

On Thursday I picked up a bathtub seat for Elly from Craigslist for $5. She has outgrown the baby tub! This seat is just PERFECT. She loves it.

Eagerly awaiting water.

The first three child bath. It was crowded!

She had a great time splashing around in the water

I also took these during the week when Elsa was in a charming mood.

Tickling Daddy? Sure looks like it.

What is that? And I want some, she says!. This girl is always grabbing at our food and drink now. She's ready. But she'll have to wait another month :)

Friday we went to the Children's Museum with Mom, Jenni, and Becki. Because of Mom's HOME membership (homeschooling co-op), we all got in free. Woo! Gwen was rather sick before the museum (threw up three times) and after (threw up once), but she powered through when we were there. She was not feverish and other than some tiredness, she wasn't really acting all that sick. Whatever it was, it passed quickly, thank goodness.

Elsa has been doing this funny thing with her head. When you talk to her, she'll tilt to one side. Its pretty cute.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week is that Thursday night Ethan decided that he was done with binkies. DONE. He wanted us to throw them all away, because he was done. His reward for making such a huge step was to get two Lego sets. We really wanted to make it into a big deal. So Daddy bought some and when he woke up from nap on Friday there they were. He was a happy boy. And he's really proud of giving up his binky. Honestly, this shocked the heck out of me. I didn't think he'd just decide to do it one day and that would be it. Doesn't he look so grown up?

Lastly, but not least, I finished another dress, this one for Shortcake. The picture is not great because it was rather windy and the dress was flying all over. I would have done indoors, but I really prefer outdoor shots for the dresses so that the colors are more true. The lighter fabric has pink polka dots. Its also done in flannel which is so soft and warm.

Today we're going grocery shopping all together (eh, fun?) and then I'll be getting ready for our long haul tomorrow. I'll be driving a carpool to Cait's belated bridal shower and Lindy's belated baby shower held in Wenatchee. We're going there and coming back the same day. Just Elsa and I are going, along with my Mom, Jenni, possibly Michelle and Peter and Aunt Margaret all in my car.

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