Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn in (eastern) Washington

Well today was pretty bland. Jason called in sick to work because he isn't feeling well, and after our whirlwind day yesterday, I was pretty worn out too! I'm still wearing the clothes I woke up in. It was that kind of day.

Yesterday, we headed over to Wenatchee to meet our Eastern Washington contingent to have a belated shower for Lindy's new baby, Cienna and to have a belated wedding shower for my cousin Caitlyn and her husband Matt. Due to an unfortunate quirk of scheduling, Caitlyn couldn't attend her own shower, so her husband was a good sport and opened the gifts and did everything on his own. What a guy!

On our drive over, we saw the most lovely fall foliage just outside Leavenworth, along the Wenatchee river. We stopped for a picture and there were so many other people there, huddled on the side of Highway 2, taking pictures as well. The river was so still in this section that you could see clear to the bottom. Gorgeous. The pictures don't do it justice. It made me long for our nice Canon Rebel that we sold a few months ago.

This was at the small dam on the Wenatchee, the Tumwater Canyon Dam.

A picture of my youngest sister Jenni, my great-Aunt Margaret, and Gwennie-the-pooh.

And me! I made that shirt by the way.

Unfortunately, my battery died right after this picture and thus ends my photo journey of the trip.

We left at 9am and returned just after 9pm. It was wonderful to see family again and the new babies and visit.

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