Sunday, October 05, 2008

Many pictures, mostly Elly. A video too!

Thank you to those who called and emailed me about my previous post. Your kind and encouraging words mean a lot to me.

I'm going to start off with a video of Elsa that I took a few days ago. It's kinda cute.

Elsa Laughing

The other day I caught Ethan reading a book to Elly (sorry about the creepy doll eyes. Many of my indoor pictures have been doing this of late and I'm not sure how to fix it!)

Gwen gave Elsa her dolly and Elsa thought it was... tasty? Gwen thought she was kissing the doll and we agree that kissing the dolly is a much cuter way of saying teething on the dolly :)

Mmmm... plastic ears.

This fake hair has an interesting texture.

I showed her who's the boss!

That same day, Gwennie was really into playing Mommy. She nursed her dollies when I nursed Elly, and again reminded me that she really needed a sling. I need to make that for her ASAP. Her hints are not so subtle!

Yesterday afternoon I went over to my friend April's house to hang out, help her with her garage sale (closed early due to bad weather) and then later in the evening, go to a birthday party for a friend. It worked out excellently because one of April's neighbors had a huge amount of excellent condition baby clothes and so I was able to pick up a stuffed bag of clothes for Elly and some for Gwen and a toy for $20.

Got some interesting shots of the wee one too.

"What? Why are you excited?"

"Oh this? This sitting thing?"

"Mommies are so easily impressed!"

Yep. She can sit! She's still working on the posture, but she can hold herself up for a good while. I really can't believe she's doing this already.

She really liked Buca Di Beppo. Loud, lots of pictures and colors and people to look at.

While I was gone yesterday, Jason took the kids to pick out costumes for trick-or-treating. Gwen is a butterfly princess and, as you can imagine, LOVES the costume. Ethan is Darth Vader.

Elsa, I think due to the weird schedule since we were out, slept poorly and I therefore slept poorly and feel rather icky this morning. I actually feel like I have a hangover, which is strange because I had one small drink. It didn't even make me feel tipsy in the slightest. Last time I went out and had a drink I felt the same way the morning after too. I must be getting old if one tiny drink leaves me feeling this way!

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Becki said...

Wait! When did Elsa get old enough to sit? She is still a newborn!