Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little update

Not much has been going on except my complete exhaustion thanks to a cranky baby. She has a cold and its making her the fussiest thing. Ugh!

Tonight J and I are taking a ferry and having dinner in Kingston for our anniversary, which is tomorrow. 6 years! My Mom has the two older kids, but we're still a-totin' Elly around. Just a few more months and with some pumped breastmilk and Elsa can spend the night with Nana!

A few days ago Gwen asked me to make her a baby sling so that we could sling our babies together. Using a rough online pattern, I made her one and she's quite fond of it!

In other exciting news (heh), I wrestled my ginormous tomato plant and brought it indoors. I had already lost two tomatos to the cold (they split) and didn't want to risk the rest. I decided to this at 8pm so its totally dark out and I'm in the front yard trying to shake it out of its pot. Well, it finally came out and it was massively rootbound which explains the problems I had. Not one speck of dirt fell off the root ball, it was all packed in there. Knowing I could not bring this inside, I got a huge knife and started hacking at it, in the dark, in my front yard, in the drizzle. I probably looked rather frightening. Finally I got enough of it off and held it up like a giant snake to bring into the house. Then I realized just how long this stalk was. I was holding it right under the root ball and with my arm raised the stalk touched the ground and then some. WOW! That is a tall tomato vine.

According to some online information, if you hang the tomato plant in a warm spot they will continue to ripen slowly. It may take months, but it should happen. So now the beast of a tomato stalk is residing in my laundry room, perched on a shelf and tied down with bungees. There are only like 5 tomatoes on the plant (they're in the area by the dryer tubey thing), but I'll fight for them. If I have to wait till Christmas to eat a ripe tomato, by golly I will!

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