Monday, October 06, 2008

Product of sweat and tears

I've been toiling at some pattern modification for almost a week now and finally finished it up. The dress is a little big on Gwen, but no worries. She's still growing!

Its basically the tiered dress I've been making, but with long sleeves. Quite a few people have been asking for this variation and I think I finally figured something out! These are not great pics because they're indoor at night. I'll be doing better ones tomorrow.

I was also experimenting with doing variations on a single color in solids instead of alternating two printed fabrics. What do you think? I like the idea... I'm not so sure I like how it looks in person though. I almost think that doing the color variation in prints would look better. The solidity of each tier throws me off some way. Tell me if I'm just being weird though, because I've been staring at it far too much the past week.

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