Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Anniversary

Our anniversary, officially, was yesterday. We got married on October 12, 2002. I cannot believe I've been married 6 years, and that J and I have been together 11. Wow!

As I previously mentioned, we were going to take the ferry across the water and dine over there. Bur Jason was sicker and sicker by the minute (he got the cold the kids have had off and on for awhile) and told me honestly that being in the cold and having to walk to to the restaurant on the other side would be hard, since his asthma flares in both cold temps and when he's sick. Additionally, the poor guy can barely taste anything and he couldn't really enjoy it. So we changed plans and drove aimlessly around Lynnwood for a little bit before we figured out something to do. We hit Barnes & Noble for a little bit, then headed to Outback for dinner, which we enjoyed. We got home around 8, then watched Children of Men which was far more depressing and than I had imagined it would be. Jason hates these types of movies. He'd thought it would be more sci-fi and it wasn't. But he was a good sport and labored through since it was a movie I had wanted to see.

To a lot of people, I suppose this would seem like a very dull anniversary celebration. But Jason and I are super laid back about these things. Honestly, just a quiet (or I guess quieter) house is a gift. Watching a movie together is a treat! Going out to dinner, even to just Outback, is a rarity. We are somewhat beyond the need for over the top and lavish gifts or dates.

Mom dropped the kids off Sunday afternoon around 3 and stayed to sample the lemon-blueberry muffins I made as a Cooks Illustrated recipe tester. They were delicious!

Unfortunately, Ethan wasn't feeling good. He didn't nap, and his tummy kept hurting more and more. Around 7:30 he fell asleep sitting up which he has never ever done! I put him to bed and not 10 minutes later he threw up a great deal. It was kinda funny though... immediately he was chipper and bragging about how "good" he threw up. "I got it all in the bowl Mom!". Well, I can't say I'm not impressed, but here was a kid that not 15 minutes prior was barely able to speak from exhaustion and illness, but after throwing up he couldn't stop talking! Luckily that was the only throwing up incident of the night, though he woke in the middle of the night with growing pains in his legs and needed some Tylenol. Of course, Elly slept well through all this, which means that had Ethan not been sick I could have actually gotten a night of good sleep... its not good to focus too much on how life conspires to steal your sleep, so I'll stop talking about it right there!

This morning Ethan is doing better. He ate some Cheerios and has kept them down. His fever is a bit lower too. Hopefully, we'll stay on this track.


Squaw Creek Ranch said...

LOLOL, I thought it was cute how you said "Of course, Ellie slept through all this" Isn't that the truth?! They NEVER sleep through until you have to be up all night with another child. Oh how you covet that already passed night of oppurtune sleep!! I loved your post, it was just plain life. Good job for Ethan hitting the bowl! WTG! It is great when they are old enough to hit the bowl, or cue in on the signs and make it to the toilet on time. I remember one year I had 5 with the stomach flu, we just laid out 3 shower curtains on the living room floor and bedded me and the five there. I was up all night cleaning bowls, changing bedding, washing faces and dosing tylenol, but oh what memories... :)

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

BTW, Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary. {{{hug}}}