Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We need your prayers and... the first day of school!

My cousin Amber is currently on hospital bedrest. It appears that her little girl, only 29 weeks old or so, is going to be making her appearance soon. Please pray that when this wee babe appears that she'll be as healthy as possible and that issues will be minimal. What a difficult and scary road Amber and Josh are on right now :( Wish we lived closer so that we could be of more help. Spokane never felt so far away!

On a lighter note, today was the first day of school for Ethan and Gwen. They are attending Kid's Korner, through Calvery Chapel. Ethan went last year and we really liked how low-key and personal it was. This year they started a pre-k class, and that is what Ethan is doing. Gwen is in their pre-school class.

They picked out their own clothes even... ok, well, that's not 100% true. In true stereotypical style, Ethan could not be bothered at all to pick out his first day of school clothes and Gwen spent much time picking out hers, including coordinating undies and socks!

Note Ethan's giraffe... it came along for moral support

Gwen got the last minute jitters and did not want to leave her seat when we arrived at the church. Ethan, bless his little heart, spent 5 minutes bolstering her courage and telling her that, "I'll be right next door and if you need me I'll come help you". After this pep talk, she got out without any troubles.

Though she did have a hard time looking all that pleased

Ethan, on the other hand, was great! You'd hardly know that this was the kid that spent the first two months of preschool sobbing at every. single. drop off.

Both kids were happy to see me when I came and got them and had a great time. Gwen was much happier.

I guess I'm working backwards here, but on Saturday my cousin Caitlyn got married! She was a stunning bride.

My littlest sister, and my littlest child

The bride and groom, Caitlyn and Matt.

Elsa's great-Aunt Daralyn

The proud grandma's. My Mom holding Elsa and my Aunt Daralyn holding her newest grandson, Cian. He was born in August, so him and Elly are only 3 months apart.

Ethan asked me to dance

And one of us

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Anonymous said...

Fun Pictures! I had a double take with Jenni - She's grown up and so mature!!
really have enjoyed this blog Kristi - and totally LOVE the dresses you make! ADORABLE!