Friday, September 05, 2008

Today Jason left for his week long business trip and oy, I am dreading the two nights I have to stay here by myself. I can't express how much anxiety it gives me to be home alone at night. I'm trying to be a big girl in this area, but its hard :(

The last 3(?) days, I've been trying to take walks of about 5,000 steps each (around 2 miles). I've been exploring various routes. The first one I did was pretty flat and was 3.500 steps. The second one I did took me up a ginormous hill and was pretty tough, but it too was only 3500 steps (but a much harder 3500).

Today, after grocery shopping, we went over to my friend Kristy's house (her son Blake was in Gwen's gymnastics class and also attends MOPS). She lives, well, according to my pedometer, about 3/4 of a mile from us and this was our first attempt at walking there. We did it fine (though the kids are really whiny about walking) and had a great visit with her in her very lovely home. The walk back was rough as the kids were super tired and cranky. Gwen picked a handful of blackberries and held them to her chest, leaving a bright red splotch. Looked like she'd been shot or something! That's gonna take a heck of a lot of stain stick. Anyway, that walk was around 3900 steps. Its seemingly hard to find a route that doesn't intersect with huge streets that don't have crossing access and also has sidewalks that are 5,000 round trip.

Suppose the exercise is good either way though, hmm?

Well, off to pick up. We've been gone all day and the house is a disaster.

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