Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lots of Elsa

Alright, I need to get back on the blogging horse. I hate having to catch up from the backlog!

I found a GREAT deal on Craiglist for a highchair (we had one that strapped to a seat, but lost the tray, which rendered it useless). It was free and local. So we drove out there Wednesday and picked it up. Great condition. Super nice for a freebie.

Elsa is sitting up like a pro now and is no longer interested in reclining or being on her tummy. Forward and up only Mom! For her to be happy, we have to sit her up in the bouncy seat.

On Thursday we gave Elsa her first meal! She loved it, and wouldn't give up the spoon. I remember from Gwen's early eating days that we had to work with two spoons. One for the baby to grip and one for me to feed her with. Elsa looks to be the same.

The feeding session did not start well. She didn't want to be in the stinkin' seat!

"Oh... this is pretty interesting." This was like the second bite and she'd already wrestled the spoon away from me.

"Don't even THINK of removing it."

We left Gwen to keep an eye on the baby while we picked up dinner and returned to find this. It cracked me up. Gwen is focused on getting in the picture while shoveling a HUGE amount of cereal into Elsa's mouth. Elsa is trying to fend off the looming spoonful of cereal.

On Friday, we had MOPS, then went over to Mom's house to visit and finally get to painting her house! This has been a long time coming... Like 30 years (heh). Mom has agonized over colors for a long time now and finally took the plunge. After taping and everything, we only got one coat on, which is why it looks so blotchy. They were going to do a second and maybe a third coat today. The house looks so different with just this one wall done. The rest of the living/kitchen area will be a buttery type yellow... unless Mom changes her mind again :) Eventually the whole house will be re-decorated. I was happy to help with this first step!

I am making what smells and appears to be delicious pot pies for dinner, but my timing was way off and its 7:45 and they are not ready. Oops! Better late than never :)

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