Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ferry Trip

Yesterday, after school, we all (Mom, Jenni, Becki, the kids and I) went down to Edmonds and took a ferry ride into Kingston. The kids haven't been on a ferry in a really long time and they found it very intriguing. Of course the weather was frigid and rainy, so they were not so interested in being outside. The video games and vending machines were more their speed :)

Ethan was a particularly crabby patty so he appears in none of these pictures. He didn't want to be in any stinkin' pictures (more or less his words).

Elsa and Aunt Becki

Mommy with Elsa on her first ferry ride!

Gwen's face after we made her take a short walk outside. She has the most expressive face of any of my kids I think.

And yes, another of Elsa because she is still young enough to not run away from the camera and smile on cue :)

After arriving in Kingston, we let Jenni choose the place to eat since it was her 16th (!) birthday and she made really the only available choice. Kingston isn't exactly brimming with available lunch options in late November! The food was a step above dismal, but the good company made it a lot better. After lunch we wandered around (finding that this place was far less exciting then we all remembered it), got some ice cream, then hopped back on the ferry. An expensive day trip, but fun still.

Two nights ago, on a whim, I set up the crib in Gwen's room and moved Elly into it. She's been sleeping in our room/bed since birth and I was starting to think that it was now causing her sleep problems. The first night she slept great. Down at 8, up at 12, up at 5:30. Much better than most our nights. Last night was a bit worse... up at 12, up at 3, up at 5, but I think we all feel more rested. Today I experimented and put her down for a nap when she was wide awake. She was playing with her toys, then fussed about 5 min later. I went up, gave her the animal that I'm using as her lovey and she instantly fell asleep. Like the instant her lovey touched her hand she closed her eyes. Weird! But I'm going with it. She's been asleep for 10 minutes now. I think moving her might have done the trick!

Unfortunately, Ethan isn't doing so great. He woke up feverish last night and has remained so. I can't find my thermometer, but Id guess he's around 102. He had to miss school, which was too bad because they always do such fun things the week of Thanksgiving.

Let us just say that Ethan takes after his father when sick ;) He likes to be pampered! I've been doing it all morning and its getting a little old when he won't even raise his arm to reach his milk. That's all he'll ingest at this point. Milk. I really hope I don't regret that later if he throws up. Yesterday, at the cafe, he dropped a chicken strip on the floor and I expressly told him NOT to pick it up or eat it. Well, when I wasn't looking he did (ewwwww) and last night he told me, "Momma, that chicken strip made me sick! I shouldn't have eaten it!". I didn't confirm or deny the idea that it was the chicken strips fault. If it helps him learn not to eat things that fall on the floor, so be it.


Michelle said...

Becki looks gorgeous in that top pic, holding Elsa.


Becki said...

Thank you for the compliment, but I disagree.....I look gross! Elsa however, is HOT!