Friday, November 14, 2008

Long time no blog

Whew. Has it almost been a week since I last blogged? Yikes. That went by fast.

Tuesday, Elsa had her 6 month checkup. Grammy was supposed to come and watch the kids but forgot (its ok Grammy, I totally understand) and so at the last minute I threw the children in the car and we raced down the Kirkland. I made it in 20 minutes, boo-yah!

Anyway, the kids behaved very well and the baby did too. She weighed in at 13lbs, 8oz and 24.5 inches long. Firmly in the 25%. She got her two shots and we were out of there with minimal fuss.

She is LOVING food and gobbles it up greedily every single time its offered. I'm suprised at how fast she's learned to gum things up.

We took this video the other night. One morning I woke up and was humming "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Ethan was interested, so I found a YouTube for him and he listened to it over and over again and by the end of the day knew most the words.

Ethan Singing

We also took this video of Elsa in her bouncer. Just a few weeks ago she couldn't touch the floor! The video is a little dark... sorry about that.
Elsa Bouncing

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Anonymous said...

Ethan is a musician! Good rhythm, good voice - and, most importantly, he's loving it. Shows that you're being a good example by singing around the house. Keep it up, Kris.

I don't know who was cuter, Elsa and her bouncing or her big sister trying to get in on the act.
Love, Grammy