Saturday, November 15, 2008

I rock

This week I have managed to get out and go walking twice. Yay. I've been trying to find enough sidewalk to do about 2 miles at a go. I finally found a route that is pretty close and puts me in at 2 1/4 miles round trip. I'm finding that while my body feels like it got a decent workout, I'm not out of breath in the slightest. It makes me feel that I'm not working myself as hard as I need to be.

This may sound weird, but I have this thing with walking. I have to have my headphones and sunglasses on. Its gonna look strange to wear sunglasses when its raining, but I find that I focus too much on cars and people going by if I don't have them. I have this innate urge to acknowledge them. Like they'll get offended if I don't at least look their way as they drive or walk by. It makes me terribly self-conscious. So I put on the sunglasses and headphones and somehow feel that I'm in my own little world and don't have to worry about everyone else around me.

Another little brag of mine is that yesterday I hacked my cell phone. Yeah, I pretty much rock. Verizon makes it very hard for you to use your own personal ringtones (and apparently even harder for the Motorola Razr), so I did some web-sleuthing, found some programs that would aid in my mission and basically was able to connect to the file system of my cell phone, delete some files that prevent me from uploading my own tones and then upload my own custom ringtone, free of charge and without the stupid Verizon limitations. Woo! I was so proud of myself. My first ringtone to be uploaded was the theme from one of my favorite tv shows, The Office. Perfect because its only 30 seconds long too.

I had so much fun I think I may upload a custom ringtone for each and every contact in my phone book :)

Jason took the kids to the park today. All three kids! Good man. It gave me a couple hours to work on some dresses that need to be done by Christmas. I finished one, then found a small, but painful mistake. It required that I pull out about 1 bazillion teeny tiny topstitches. Oh the agony. But I must do it right and this was the only way. I didn't even get to start on the second dress, though it should come together quickly once I get some time.

Well, off to clean up dinner and deal with children.

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Squaw Creek Ranch said...

I can so relate to walking with sunglasses. You do not feel obligated to glance at each passing car, and if you DO for safety sake, they don't know it. Does that make sense? No. But I understand, really. Tell your husband "way to go" from a fellow blogger, what a guy! Paul never would have done that! A quiet house is eerie, but wonderful.