Sunday, November 02, 2008

Finally, a more upbeat blog

I have no idea if the last couple nights have been an improvement with our struggles. Its all a blur, but I know is that I don't feel much better. Jason reminds me to have patience, but I'm finding that difficult.

In lighter news, because of my miserable state I haven't been keeping ya'll updated on what is going on. This past week we took Ethan into his allergist and the news was GREAT.

His nose swab this time was almost entirely clear, a huge improvement over the "dirtiest nose I've ever seen" that we had at his first visit! We have only a yearly appointment now, and I have plenty of nose spray samples to use if he starts having allergy issues again, but he's much improved and there is no immediate plans to do allergy shots or anything more invasive than wait and see. Hurray! Ethan does have one very large tonsil and one very small tonsil and that may cause problems down the road. We'll see.

On Thursday I had a dental appointment that wasn't all that great. The worst part is that, ugh, I'll have to have my wisdom teeth out. They haven't come up on their own and are impacted, one of them quite badly. So that is something fun to look forward to. Not.

Thursday night, Gwen, who hadn't gotten her customary afternoon nap for the second day in a row, fell asleep while eating dinner. In her costume no less!

Halloween, we had everyone over here. Everyone was: Mom, Aunt Deanne, Aaron, Ben, Jenni and Shawn (here for a brief stop before they headed with my Aunt Margaret to South Africa!), Aunt Margaret, Becki, and our little group. We walked up to the church we've gone to a few times for a "Trunk or Treat". It was an interesting set-up, we'd never been to one before. Basically a bunch of cars had their trunks open and decorated. Some people were dressed up as well. They handed out tons of candy, as well as information about the church. They had a bouncy house and cupcake decorating, popcorn and coffee. After that, we walked back to our house, trick-or-treating on the way. The kids got a HUGE haul this year. Way way too much.

Gwendolyn as a butterfly princess. Everyone thought she was a fairy, but no, she was a butterfly princess.

Ethan as Darth Vader (he hated the mask and didn't wear it after this).

"ITS TRICK OR TREAT TIME". I use caps because they were yelling this.

I didn't get a picture, but the very first car had a Sarah Palin look-a-like. I wasn't sure if it was a costume or the woman just looked/dressed that way normally, so I didn't say anything.

This car was neat... The kids dug for treasure!

Bean bag toss for candy.

Christmas in October

Gwen with her decorated cupcake. She was a little bit wet because right after we got there a rain squall moved through. No harm done though.

Elsa with a typical... well, Elsa-face

At the end of the night, Vader lost his will to walk and had to sit in the stroller, cuddled with Elly's blanket

We just got a big bag of clothes from my cousin Trina (thanks again Trina!) and when we get these, Gwen loves to try on every single piece. Sometimes multiple pieces at a time. At dinner yesterday, this was the outfit she was wearing that hour. Yes, I said hour. She changes constantly. She's a clothes hound. Doesn't she look so grown up here?

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