Monday, November 17, 2008

Powdergate '08

I'm stunned that it happened again. After the great powder disaster of '07, I thought we had all learned our lessons and were smarter. Apparently not.

I was distracted by the non-sleeping Elly and had told the kids to bring some stuff up to their rooms. They did so, but I didn't realize that they hadn't come back down. After a few minutes I smell something... something.... baby-powdery. I think, no, couldn't be. Still not making the connections in the old noggin. Finally it hits me. Kids upstairs alone, smell of baby powder. Oh crap.

I ran upstairs, opened Gwen's door and found exactly what I did not want to find. Powder everywhere. All over the carpet, CD player, bed, on every single story of the doll house. You name it. The kids were hiding under their bed. They knew they had done something naughty. I banished them to their respective rooms while I called Jason and tried to breathe. Literally, since the air was choked with powder, and figuratively since I was so angry.

Up I marched and told them that they were losing all toys, books and playthings in their rooms until further notice. Just the bed, dresser and security item. So out it all came. Then I had to vacuum and it filled two cannisters. Everything is powdery, even my keyboard keys down here! If past history is any indication, I will be vacuuming up baby powder for the next couple months.


In good news however, the kids and I cleaned out and vacuumed the car. Oh, it needed it sooooooo badly. Ew.

And when Jason got home I went on another long long walk. I really needed it today, though it totally kicked my butt. Maybe because the sun was shining in my face most the time and made me really hot. I just feel quite wilted now.

Well, off to look at my menu options and see what we're having for dinner. Last night we had a delightful and easy meal... Sausage and Grits Frittata with a salad on the side. I doubled it and it made enough for us last night and my breakfast and lunch today. It kept very well too, considering its basically just an unfolded omelet.


Becki said...

I can't believe they did it again! Those rascals....they had good reason to hide under the bed!

Tina said...

What a mess. I feel for you. Did you at least get a pic for future torture?