Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'll start out the Halloween post by telling you a story.

We'd put the kids down for an early nap, in hopes they'd get a real good sleep before ToT. I was downstairs cleaning for about an hour, when I heard Gwen screaming. I go up there and open the door. *Whoosh*. A great powdery cloud enveloped me.

Apparently, my precious little Ethan had decided he was not tired and found the new bottle of baby powder and spread it all over the floor, his bed, and, his sleeping sister. She was sleeping and he dumped it on her face. The poor thing was white from head to toe. Thank goodness Jason was working from home because I was this close to absolutely losing my cool. We had to strip everything out of the room, wipe down all surfaces with wipes, rinse the children, and vacuum. AND, the room still this morning absolutely reeks of baby powder. No, there are no pictures. I was crying and very upset and worried about Gwennie (particulate inhalation anyone?) and not in the mood!

Oh, to add to the fun, after that was done, Jason left to run some errands and Ethan calls me back up to the room. He left a nice poopy surprise for me on his blanket, which I promptly stuck my hand into because I didn't see it. I don't know if I've ever been more grateful to get into the shower.

So, now to the real fun stuff. The pics!

Ethan was a dragon, Gwen was Angelina Ballerina (a cartoon ballerina mouse). I made her costume and its really quite bad, but she liked it.

Her tail

Posing for the camera.

A shot of the kids (and my cousin Ben) and our dirty TV :)

My Mom shocked everyone by showing up with her own surprise, PINK HAIR! I was speechless, until she told me it was temporary. The joke is kinda on her though, as she didn't read the bottle very well and it said not to use on gray hair, which she has. It didn't wash out this morning. Oops!

Ben in his Darth Vader costume.

This was only part of the "gang" that accompanied the kids. 13 adults for 3 kids!

The after party... very tired kids warming up with cocoa.

Aunt Deanne had picked up these gummy eyeballs. They were so gross, and tasted pretty gross too... Definitely that type of candy that is more about the gag and not so much about the eating.

Jenni freaked out E & G by pretending that was her eye.

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April said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! The kids looks really cute! I did my hair pink (suppose to be purple, but purple and naturally red hair make pink, who knew!)last year for halloween, I had to finally strip it because it didn't wash out, I hope your mom has an easier time getting it out of her hair. She looks cute with pink hair regardless! :)