Thursday, November 08, 2007

Heavens, I'm a terrible blogger. I used to blog every day, now its good if I do it once a week!

Know what is probably the worst thing you can find 5 minutes before your kids are bound for bed? No guesses? Well, try hearing little voices in the laundry room (door closed) and you open it up and there is brown stuff all over the laundry room floor and you think, "Shoot, did they get into the Halloween candy somehow?" but then the smell assaults you and you realize that it is NO chocolate on the floor but something much much worse. And your children are walking barefoot in the not-chocolate, frantically trying to clean up the mess with what they assumed were diaper wipes but were actually dryer sheets. So you have a floor, children and now dryer sheets covered in poo, all facing you just as your energy was ebbing and you were ready to put them down for the night. *sigh*

Today I took Ethan to pre-school and hung out to help a lady with MOPPETS (the stuff the kids do while I'm at MOPS) prep. I could not believe how much this lady was doing on her own... from preparing curriculum, crafts, buying and assembling the crafts for the classes, organizing for each class, including name tags, check in sheets, procedures and making sure all classes have sufficient coverage. There are over 60 kids and 20 workers to prepare and organize for. Based on what I saw, it truly is a part-time job. She is 5 months pregnant and will not be able to finish out the year, hence her cry for help. She showed me how to prep for the classes (basically assembling the craft parts into a central location for each class), distributing coloring sheets, instructions for the leaders, etc. Then she had me start preparing craft parts for future classes. She was up around Easter time, so she's almost done. Anyway, I spent two hours running around, asking questions and cutting out a myriad of little trees out of construction paper. Two weeks from now I get to do all the prep myself, as she won't be able to be there. EEK.

Awww, the kids are snuggling together on the couch and Gwen is saying, "I lub you Abu" and he is saying, "I love you too" and she replies, "I lub you too Abu" and he says, "I love you too" and they just keep it going back and forth, not realizing that you don't always have to respond. Its so nice to see them be NICE to each other now and then.

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