Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas list for the kids

Per the many requests I've received, here is a list!

Bratz, Barbie or GI Joe size dolls for dollhouse (no Bratz please!)
Farm set (barn, animals, etc) for imaginative play
Simple puzzles
Books, particularly touch and feel or peek-a-boo books
Playdoh kits (zoo, kitchen, doctor, etc, etc)
Geo-Trax sets
Hop Ball (you know, a big ball with a handle on it)
My First LeapPad
My First LeapPad books
Any Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine stuff (clothes, DVD's, books, action figures, etc)
Ethan - size 5T
Gwen - 2-3T
Any building type activity where they can roll a marble, ball or car down their completed maze (example: Marble Run)

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