Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Its interesting how this pregnancy has been so different than the others.

With the first two, I didn't even feel pregnant until nearly 20 weeks. I got tired here and there, but I was working (full time with Ethan, part time with Gwen) and made efforts to look and dress decently most the time.

With this one, I felt pregnant before I even tested. It was that big of a change. I'm sick on a daily basis. I'm nearly positive that there has only been 1 or 2 times in the past 13 weeks that I haven't worn jeans and a hoodie. That is my official pregnancy outfit so far. I can't recall the last time I dried my hair with an appliance and not a towel. I've worn makeup maybe 5 times. Today we were at the store and I felt so... frumpy.

Its not that I don't have nicer clothes... its just that they look so uncomfortable. I have these hot and sexy boots, but geez, my tennies are so much more comfortable. Maybe when I get out of this in-between stage of being pregnant but not really showing enough so it looks like you just have a big tummy and not that you're pregnant I'll start putting more effort in. I can hope at least.

After dropping off Ethan at pre-school, Gwen and I hit the dollar store. I needed to get some taper holders for our Thanksgiving table and of course, we had to get a few other things too. I foolishly did not get a cart, so everything was right at Gwen's eye level. Everything was her "faborit" (i.e. favorite). Bath scrubbies, back scratchers, Bibles, toys, books, you name it. When we did finally leave, the checker said, "Was this the girl who kept yelling, "This is my favorite!"?". Yes, yes, that is my daughter. The girl loves to shop. You should have seen her around the purses. She had 5 that were stacked up on her shoulder.

Well, off to clean up a little bit before we go pick up Ethan.

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