Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I generally am quite terrible at doing crafty things with the kids. Its overwhelming to have two of them there at once, and I get frustrated and they get frustrated and it all ends in disaster.

Today, that did not happen! I had picked up these Foamies ornaments (well, we made them into ornaments) and Gwen and I did hers while Ethan was at pre-school.

Then after lunch, Ethan and I did his.

Other than a few burnt fingers from the glue gun (quickly soothed by sticking their fingers in their mouth), it went very well!

Both pics are blurry because the kids would not sit still. They couldn't stop playing with their figures and I don't think they will spend much time on the tree! Its already been established that the snowman doesn't have a mommy, so the angel will be its mommy :)


Anonymous said...

Not meaning to pick favorites, but Gwen looks so BEAUTIFUL! Like a little model, showing off her angel. Gorgeous girl!

Anonymous said...

I just realized I forgot to mention who I am!! This is Abby, the spacey one.