Monday, November 26, 2007

Ok, one last post for the day.

So on Friday, we were treated to a great visit from Grandpa Les and Grandma Karen. The kids had a blast and we so enjoyed our visit with them! Karen brought a blanket she had made for Ethan, in hopes of replacing the tattered and threadbare blankie that he totes around. While he loves the new blanket, his attachment to the pile of strings that is blankie remains.

Over the weekend I decided on a whim that I wanted custom Christmas stockings for the family. I posted on my message board asking if anyone did them, and some did, but Jason really wanted me to make them myself since my sewing room will be packed away soon. A last hurrah if you will ;) I purchased this excellent e-book online (making only one tiny change) and on Sunday I whipped up all 4 in about 4 hours. I was really surprised at how fast they came together. I'm rather proud of them!

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April said...

Those are GREAT stockings. I need to make some for my boys!