Sunday, November 25, 2007

Before I post about Thanksgiving, I want to put up these pictures from Ben's birthday party weeks ago. I had forgotten we'd taken pics and when I was going through the Thanksgiving ones, I found them!

This was when Ethan was being good :)

Working on the lineup with Aunt Becki

(I'm sure my Dad and sister will love these shots!). Grandpa teaching Gwen the technique.

Jenni giving Ethan her advice

Gwen (who was an amazingly good bowler, except she had barely enough umph to get the ball down the lane). Note how her feet are off the floor!

Ethan taking his turn

She really loved bowling. I think its funny to see how big those balls are next to her. And the shoes. Who would have thought they had such teeny tiny bowling shoes?

The birthday boy, my cousin Ben!

This is when Ethan started being not so good. He kept laying on the floor and not moving.

Gwen and Mommy

Aunt Becki and Ethan


April said...

That looks like so much fun! I LOVE bowling.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures - especially the one of Grampa and Gwen! That was a fun time. Hope we can do it again soon.