Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Jason has arrived home, grocery man finally showed up (far later than usual), and a good thing too as we had NO food in the house and the kids and I were starving. Life returns to normal.

I was able to hit a second-hand store, Other Mothers, and purchase a full body snowsuit for Gwen in excellent condition ($8.99), along with a pair of waterproof gloves ($3.99). For Ethan, I purchased some high end snow overalls in excellent condition ($14.99), as well as a snow jacket in a Bob The Builder motif ($8.99) and gloves ($4.99). I was so pleased at the quality and prices! Buying new would have cost me 2-3x as much, at least. Especially for items that the kids will wear infrequently and not likely fit next year, I prefer second hand. And I'll be able to bring them back in for store credit when they outgrow them.

Tomorrow I go into the midwife to look for the baby's heartbeat. Unfortunately, I'll be bringing the kids with me, but it will be just an in and out appointment and I shall bribe them heavily with treats :)

We are going to be deep-frying a turkey this year at my Mom's. I think this year I will inject a marinade and then do a simple rub on the skin. We'll have to trek to Costco tomorrow or Saturday for the big jug o' oil and then to another store (not sure which one) to find the injector. I think I'll use a garlic/butter/hot sauce marinade or something. Still not sure on that part.

It was a real joy to have Ethan hand me his pre-school work and see a slip of paper asking Ethan to bring 1 cup of diced carrots to the next class on Tuesday. The kids will each be bringing something and making stone soup. This is like the 3rd or 4th thing they've cooked or mixed up in the large church kitchen and I just think its so neat. Ethan adores doing it too. Those are his favorite days.

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Amber said...

I went to Other mothers yesterday too. I LOVE that place!!