Friday, November 16, 2007

Well I'm feeling very frustrated.

We just returned from the midwife appointment and they still can't find the heartbeat. Now with a tipped uterus, that isn't so unusual. But what really irritates me is that they want me to come in the day before Thanksgiving and have another doppler check and if that doesn't pan out they'll put me in for an ultrasound.

At my OB's, they would have pulled out the ultrasound the first appointment and not keep dragging me in to the office time after time. Who wants to find out the day before Thanksgiving that they might have miscarried? There are plenty of signs that I haven't miscarried... morning sickness, breast tenderness, no bleeding, etc. but geez, could they stretch this on any longer? I'm starting to regret that I went with this office.

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Megan & Company said...

That stinks! I had the same problem with Leah up until 30 weeks. Thankfully they had the US right there and were able to confirm each time that things were ok. I can totally relate and it didn't help that I'd had a recent m/c.

Thinking and praying for you and your little new one to be!