Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miss Elsa, and more

Ah, blog time. Its seeming harder and harder to find blog time and I rather miss it.

Today I have a bunch of picture of Miss Elsa.

Her first bite of banana.

I think she liked it

Oh yeah, she did.

A carrot to gnaw on. And WAIT. Before you leave me comments on choking hazards and what not, its not a choking hazard. Its a huge piece of carrot that could not be swallowed, and my child has no teeth. At best she is getting carrot essence, nothing more :)

Is there anything more darling than a nakkie baby and/or nakkie baby in a towel? I think not!

The "wistful" look

The, "Its a hard knock life for a third child" look

The "I love my sis but why does she steal my shots" look

The "Ha, she's gone!" look

The "I'm a happy girl who never sleeps for my Mommy" look :)

In other, non-Elsa related, news, I have been feeling crummy for a long time now, but after a bad migraine today seem to have come out and beaten whatever was getting me down. However, Gwen is now sick :(

Saturday we went over to my Mom's and I cannot believe how much her house has changed. They've been painting like mad. It looks great, but totally not like my Mom's house... it'll take some time to get used to.

While we were there, I made two piecrusts and Jenni turned one into a pie for a church pie auction and I made the other into a pie for us to eat. Dutch Apple. Yum.

I finished two dresses that I've been working on for my dear friend Laurie. You may remember Laurie from my Boston adventure two years ago, where I got to meet her and even stayed at her house. I miss that girl! The long sleeve shorter dress is for her daughter Murphy, and the longer one is for her niece.

This picture is kinda bad because it was dark out and I was trying to get in a shot with a child on my leg. Yikes, they are wrinkled :) I didn't really notice until just now! Will need to iron before I send them out... Gwen loved these dresses because they used her two favorite colors!

Now on to Gwen's Christmas dress. I realized I've made nothing for Elsa and I guess I need to start doing that! Perhaps I'll make them both matching dresses for Christmas.


Becki said...

That "wistful" look totally reminded me of Ethan!

April said...

SO cute! All of it. The baby and the dresses.