Friday, January 11, 2008

Gwen is very sick.

She started throwing up at 8 last night and we were up at least every hour with her, all night. Poor thing was so weary, so tired, that she stopped sitting up to heave, but just layed there, eyes closed, limp, and let her body do it. Horrible.

We had a quiet spell after 4am or so, but as soon as we got out of bed and came downstairs, the little sips of water we'd given her came up. She's nibbling on Cheerios right now. The child was so hungry and thirsty that she'd wake us up between vomit episodes begging for water and food.

Long, long, long night. Jason and I could not be more tired.

I just noticed that I lost a day on my baby ticker too. I so do not need this pregnancy to last longer than needed! I think perhaps someone pushed out a bug fix for a leap year and that pushed me back a day :)

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Holly said...

Poor girl. :( I hope she's feeling better by now! Give her my love. :)