Wednesday, January 23, 2008

While the kids are watching Bob the Builder, I'll try to sneak in a quick post.

Good news on the sickness front. We appear to be clean! No illness since last Thursday! You have no idea how happy this makes us.

Saturday, Jenni and I went to a cake decorating class. It was strange. There were only two other people there besides us and the lady didn't seem to have any outline or plan. We learned some things, but could have learned so much more if she hadn't had her daughter and daughters boyfriend there taping the class. She constantly was interacting with them instead of us. In the end, I did learn some helpful techniques and most importantly, I got some information on where to obtain professional grade ingredients and tools very easily. This will be so helpful when I do Shelly's wedding cake (if I do... let us pray that I do not go over my due date).

Monday we met some people at the Spartan Gym for a playdate. April was there with Gibson and Grady, as was Alyssa and her two boys, AJ and Andrew. We also met a new person, Cindy. She lives in Lake Stevens too so April was trying to get us all to meet up as we're practically neighbors. Cindy has a little boy, Cayden and a wee babe of 8 weeks, Evan. Gwen was still the only girl! Looks like her sister will be her only female compatriot for awhile. We really enjoyed meeting Cindy and her boys and her Mom (though her name escapes me at the moment). Good people :)

Tuesday was pre-school and gymnastics. It was also the day that the Very Bad Mess(tm) happened. During nap actually. I won't go into descriptions of the Very Bad Mess(tm) as I don't want to ruin appetites and make my readers cringe. We'll just say its Very Bad and send best wishes for my carpet's full recovery.

Today we might go see Jason at the Arlington office and try to do a Costco visit. We also have to work on a special project for someone that I can't talk about as she reads here!

Oh, Michelle, call me back girl :)

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