Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick update:

Gwen is much better. In fact, after her 7:30 throw up, she was fine the rest of the day and ate like crazy. None of us have gotten sick, so it was just a weird thing she had going on.

Last night we went to an anniversary party for Jason's work at Teatro ZinZanni. His company took up about half the seats. We went by ourselves back around my birthday, but they had a different show this time. It was hilarious. Especially since Jason's closest co-worker friend got pulled up on stage and had to participate in a "love" scene with the main performer... a very large, voluptuous woman dressed in ridiculous outfits. He was a really good sport and played along and the lady even called out our table at the end for being "extra fun" that night. The show is long... 3 hours, and you are served a 5 course meal during the show. By the end, I was so tired and Jason and I were practically the only sober people in the house.

We got home at around 11, then asleep by 12. Kids up at 1 (Gwen actually came into our room and was just standing next to me staring when I woke up. Freaky). Kids up at 2. Kids up at 4. Kids up at 6. Gwen asleep with us for an hour while Ethan wandered and sulked around the upstairs. We NEVER get sleep when we really want it. We are dragging a bit this morning!

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Becki said...


I forgot to tell you that about 30 min after put the kids down, I went up to check on Ethan as he was crying. I checked on Gwen and she was sitting up in bed with her hands supporting her head, under her chin. Just sitting there, not saying anything. I came in and asked if she was ok, she nodded and then laid back down. Totally weird!