Friday, January 18, 2008

We finally slept through the night last night. Woo! It was really nice.

At around 11, we went to a MOPS play date at the gym Gwen goes to for gymnastics. There were a lot of people there. Unfortunately, no one talked with me at all until the very end. I suppose its to be expected... I've had to miss the last three meetings and when you hardly know people, that is a lot to miss. Anyway, the kids had a good time.

I'm thinking I may drop out of MOPS this year. I've not felt any real connection to my table mates... not like last year. And it feels more like work than pleasure to go. It makes me sad because I really enjoyed it last year, but when you aren't feeling anything towards your table mates, it does take the fun out.

Both J and I woke up with slight headaches, low grade fever and aches, but thats as far as its gone. Hopefully that will be as far as it will go because tomorrow Jenni and I are doing a 6 hour cake decorating class that I do not want to miss.

Also, I'm really over the being sick thing. Totally.


DARALYN said...

I hate that when that happens. Frankly, I can't immagine people sitting around a table not making sure that EVERYONE is engaged. It's unfathonable, bad manners, and a lack of social graces on their part. Hope you did all you could to encourage eye contact and laugh or comment on something yourself. Sometimes we have invisible walls we aren't aware of that others pickup on real fast. I personally pick that person out as a target to connect with and draw into the group! Hope we all do that...

Megan & Company said...

:) Thanks for sharing Nate and Trish's story!! You're a great "online" friend.
Megan (joshsmom)