Friday, January 04, 2008

Here are some various pictures from the last few days.

On Wednesday we went to "bouncy house" (I use the name the kids do because I'm spacing on the real name) with April, her sons Grady and Gibson, Alyssa and her sons AJ and Andrew.

For whatever reason, the air hockey table is always the big draw. Gibson is really good!

Ethan and AJ taking their turn.

Gwen enjoying the slide (something about the lighting in this place gives everyone irreparable red-eye in pictures)

I like this one because it showed the three oldest boys. That's Gibson in the back, Ethan and AJ.

Gwen loves to hang out with baby Grady

The kids recieved their comforters that I'd ordered for them a few days ago. After they got up from naps, they wanted to be wrapped up, so I did. They then decided that these were their "shells" and "homes" and they sat there for a long time, eating cheese sticks and occasionally poking their heads out to watch TV.

and.... a picture of my tummy. I've never posted one before and I'm not particularly pleased to post this one, but people are asking so I feel rather obligated. I'm not great at self-portraiture. The camera was propped up on a roll of toilet paper :)


Holly said...

Oh, you look so cute! I can't wait to see you in just over a month. :D

DARALYN said...

I LOVE the top! And your tummy looks so cute... Thanks for sharing :)