Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Mum is the BEST. She came over here at 9am and helped Jason clean our garage. They did it really fast too. We didn't even ask her to help, she offered. Jenni came too to babysit the kids, and I ran out and got curtain rods and other things to finish up the rooms. We got the curtains up (that was a headache in and of itself which I won't relive by telling it here. My Mom knows though!) and my Mom put away all the clothes and her and J moved Ethan's bed and I freecycled like 5 things and whew. Seriously, I felt like I was running all over and stressing like crazy. My Dad is here now, watching the Seahawks game with Jason.

The kids both had a little problem going to nap in their new rooms, but that is expected. I think tonight will probably be difficult, but I know they eventually will accustom. Lord grant me patience.

We had a wicked windstorm last night, but amazingly retained power. I thought for sure we'd lose a tree or something, but nope.

I've signed Gwen up for a class at Northwest Aerials in Snohomish. Its really expensive. In fact, WAY more expensive than Ethan's preschool when you figure it to a per hour cost, but its only for 8 classes and we'll see how it works for Gwen. The class fits perfectly during Ethan's preschool time, so for that alone its worth the extra cost. Gwen is so active, always dancing and flipping and twirling and she can almost do the splits (she showed us out of the blue the other day). I think she will LOVE this gymnastics/dance class.

Off to chill for 15 minutes before thinking about starting dinner.


mrshoppes said...

If you e-mail me your address, I have little girl clothes for you. The newborn clothes are gone already, but you know how fast time flies. She'll be in 12-18 month clothing in no time.

April said...

where are the pictures of the new rooms? I need to see...