Saturday, April 29, 2006

Holy cow, was it really Tuesday when I blogged last? Sheesh.

Things have been craaa-zy.

Thursday we went out to Mom's for a get-together with Dad's side of the family. My Aunt Kathy and Aunt Barb were out here from Iowa and NY, respectively. It was really good to see them... they are lots of fun! Grandma Betty was there (looking chipper) and Aunt Wendy and her great kids as well. Also in attendance was my cousin Charlie and his lovely girlfriend (she had wondrous red hair. I've always wanted red hair). We had good food and good times. We were there from about 2 - 8. The kids were just dead when we got home. We had to pour them into their bath and they slept like rocks.

Before we had gone to my Mom's, we stopped at the library to drop off/pick up books. I had Gwen in the stroller and Ethan tagging along. We were at the hold shelf looking for my book and I turned for 2 seconds to grab the book. When I turned back, Ethan was gone! I assumed he'd gone to the kid area, but no, he wasn't there. I started panicking slightly, then I heard this "Mama Mama Mama!" cry. I followed it to the door, where I saw he'd gone all the way out into the foyer and was turning around and around calling me. Poor guy :(

After that, I felt he deserved some play time, so we hung out in the kids section and played with toys and a cute little boy named Allen (9 months). Allen was exactly Gwens size. That girl is just an elf compared to most children. Gwen was fascinated by his bald head and kept putting her hands on it and giggling. The little boy was very good natured and laughed along with it. Its funny what you notice... Allen was wearing cloth diapers and therefore that made me more likely to believe that the Mom was breastfeeding and then I started wondering, "Hmmm, I wonder if I know this lady from the breastfeeding boards", but then I had to go before I could really talk to her as Ethan started throwing a fit.

Friday Mom came over, delivered some Costco items to me and babysat while I did some grocery shopping. I had to pick up some migraine meds (Maxalt) and was surprised that a 30 tablet supply cost $75! Yipes. However, these are only taken when I have a bad migraine, so hopefully they'll last me a year or more.

Today, well today, has been the busiest by far.

It started quite awfully by waking up and finding that Toby had diarrhea all over our floor and rug. So at 6am, I was cleaning up poop and using my carpet cleaner. After the kids went down for nap, J and I did some work on the yard... filling in holes, trying to make the gate area escape-proof, etc. While we were doing this, the dogs had to be inside and Toby had another occurrence. Ugh. This time there was lots on the carpet. So, I spent another hour cleaning the floors and carpet cleaning. The smell was dreadful.

Aaron came at 11 and mowed, weedwhacked, scooped and helped Jason fix the dog kennel. It started raining while they were working on the kennel and the guys (and Ethan who was helping) got soaked! They also tracked in lot o' mud.

While they were doing that, I was watching the kids and packing up items. I packed 10 boxes of toys, books, dvds, video game stuff and other assorted from the first room. My goal is to do 5-10 boxes a day until we're at a bare minimum for what we need.

Jason took Aaron home and I put the kids to nap and then swept, mopped and did a load of dishes. At least the house is fairly clean.

We've called Becki's friend to set a time for him to come out and do the trim on the floors, and we'll be getting a quote for someone to fix the bathroom floor. We have other various tasks that need to be done before we go on the market, but for me, I will feel a lot better when most the extra stuff is packed up and we're ready to move. It feels like its happening so fast, but J and I tend to put things off and we decided that it just needed to be done. And before it got hot out.

Anyway, no more typing for me. I want to go enjoy the couple hours of freedom and relaxation I have.

Au revoir mes amis!

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