Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm sick. Ick. Very sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose, cough, congested head. Oh WHEN will Jason and I get out of this physical ailment funk?

I remembered last night that there were some things I wanted to blog about. Excuse the randomness of the following items, but I have to get it out there before I forget again.

For my female readers, I would like to recommend two items (men, you may not want to click on the first link. Its for "girl" stuff:
I love this thing and its a real money saver.
As many of you know, I'm cursed with very white skin (though not as white as my sister Michelle, who practically glows in the dark). I've always hated wearing shorts or skirts because I'm SO white. I heard about this stuff and its awesome. Yes, its basically makeup for your legs, but it makes them look so good.

Another recommendation, this time for a movie. Chocolat. Its really good and I'm so glad I saw it.

Ethan's cutest word right now is "sure". He says it to almost any question you ask him. He says it like, "shoo". Oh, you just have to hear him. Adorable.

Also, Grandpa (otherwise known as Poppa). Ethan is still enchanted with that drawing you made on his arm at Easter. Every time he looks at it, he says, "Poppa! Silly!". I even caught him saying it on video. I'll upload that in the next day or so.

So I had yet another knitting disaster. This toddler poncho will be the death of me. I was using a pattern I got from a friend and it was coming together perfectly. Except when it came time to make the neck opening something didn't go right. The opening was all on one side instead of in the middle and my needles got all strangely tangled. I appealed for help and found out that the pattern was incorrectly copied to me. All that work and I had to start over. Will I ever complete this darn thing? Heavens.

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