Monday, April 24, 2006

It has begun.

Summer is on its way, and we are filled with dread and loathing.

Today it was warm, but because our house holds heat in a way that is nearly unearthly, it was broiling. I refused to bring out my fans in April because surely nature is not such a cruel mistress that she would curse us with high temps for more than an occasional day this early in the year.

We must, we must be out of this house this year, preferably before summer, or I will go crazy!

Anyway, we didn't do much today. Everyone is feeling much improved, but still finishing up on the colds. After nap, we walked the 1-mile route around the neighborhood. It was nice to be exercising again.

Tomorrow a real estate agent is coming to meet with us to talk various things. This means that I must get the house, or at least the main viewable areas, clean. Not looking forward to it, but it must be done and the best way to motivate me is the horror that someone other than my closest family members (i.e. Mom or siblings) will see how messy I let things get and think badly of me. I inherited this "clean for guests" gene from my Mother. Despite how us kids hated it when Mom would go into one of her flurries before guests arrived, and no matter how we swore we'd never be that way... well, we ARE that way. At least Becki and I are and its just a matter of time before the others fall to it as well :)

Tomorrow is also, *sniff* Gwennies first birthday. J and I were thinking back... I can remember exactly what I was doing the day before she was born, what I was wearing, what I was thinking. It doesn't seem like that long ago, and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.

Her birthday will also be a big personal milestone for me... it will mean that I'm officially an "extended nurser", meaning I'm nursing a child older than 1 year. I have no plans of stopping breastfeeding and if all goes well, Gwen will self-wean at whatever time she is physically and emotionally ready. I'm proud to have made it this far, and wish I could have done the same with Ethan.

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