Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So much to write about, so little energy to share it.

Easter was fun... The kids had a blast finding eggs and socializing with family. We attended church in the morning, then came home (to find that Tilli had opened up all our plastic eggs and eaten their contents, including some confetti things), jetted off to the store to refill the eggs then over to my Moms. Loooong day.

Monday we met with Kate (a former co-worker of mine) at Alderwood for coffee, then headed over to this play area. It was really cool... there were things to climb on and slide down and crawl through and everything was health related, as it is sponsored by UW Health. What really cracks me up is that Ethan and Gwen were hugely attracted to one playset in particular... the fruits and veggie one! There was a celery slide, a pile of grapes, peas and mushrooms to climb up and other fruits and veg to crawl over and through. So very cute. I have lots of pictures. I'll put them up tomorrow.

Today I tried (with mostly futility) to clean up a bit. It was sunny, so the kids and I went outside and sat in the grass. That was nice.

My throat is sore and I think I'm coming down with something. I'm sleeping like crap. Dead tired when I go to bed, waking at night and can't go back to sleep, then dead tired in the mornings. Ugh. Oh well, this too shall pass.

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