Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok, here are the pictures from the birthday. We actually didn't get that many... for once we were more focused on video, and with so much going on it was hard to get the kids still and find a good angle to shoot :)

The only picture of Ethan with his clothes on that we got the entire day :)

Gwennie in her princess dress. And yes, I did match E & G. And yes, I'm a dork.

Can you tell she's a breastfed baby?

She loved the table we got for the kids... as you can see her shoes and socks soon came off and she was climbing like crazy!

Cake. Mmmm.

Look how neatly and politely Ethan is eating. He never eats like this for us!

These are from Sunday. Aunt Becki called and Ethan talked to her for a good bit. He loves to hold the phone and walk around, or lay down and talk. He's naturally born to talk a persons ear off... comes by it genetically :)

Gwen is happy just sitting on brother until he complains.

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Kate Thaete said...

WOW - they're so cute in their matching outfits (you're not a dork at all!!) I love Gwen's dress!! So pretty! I can't believe how big they are!!