Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We went to the park today and I took lots of good pics. Since I've already posted so many today though, I'll wait until tomorrow to put them up.

Mom, your gift came today. The kids love it! I have a picture of when Gwen first saw it and her face was just so excited. Too cute. Thanks :)

Not much else to say. For those in the know, the pain I was having has gone away thank goodness. I had to take a Vicodin today for a throbbing headache that wasn't killed by anything else. Finally I got fed up and took the heavy stuff and that seems to have done the trick. As long as I don't take Vicodin or Percoset before bed, its ok. But for some reason, that stuff will do crazy things when I'm sleeping. I feel like I'm asleep but I'm awake, or I have strange dreams. But during the day it doesn't seem to affect me at all negatively. Anyway, I'm rambling.

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