Monday, November 13, 2006

After recovering from the milk incident (which was one of the worst messes I've had to clean up from either dog or child), I brought the kids to Mom's house so that she could watch them while I went to therapy. Afterwards, Jason and I went to a nifty little restaurant called Alligator Soul in Everett. We would highly recommend it. The cuisine is Cajun and very unique. There was nothing on the menu familiar to us. The place itself was small, but they had worked in a stage and a guy was there playing and singing the blues. It was just a really awesome place, and the prices were quite affordable. Definitely the best place we've been to in Everett, and the ambiance was fun.

Saturday we tried to go to Pilchuck Park in Snohomish (our favorite local park) but it was closed due to flooding. The soccer fields were completely under water :( So we hit that small park by the library and the kids had a good time, though they were super tired and rather cranky by the time we left.

Sunday was the football game of course, so we didn't go far from the house. We took the kids on a short puddle splashing walk, then lazed around watching the game, reading and playing a new game on the XBox.

Today we went out early to Grammy and Grandpas house to try and fix their printer. Grammy kindly played interference with the kids so I could talk with Grandpa and do my work. After about an hour we were able to narrow it down to a faulty ink cartridge. Generally I would have tested that first, but it was new cartridge so it wasn't high on my suspect list. We brought them some beef stew from Sunday along with some brown rolls. I hope they enjoy it!

I did go back on my Zoloft a few days ago. My therapist really gave me some strong words about going off cold turkey and I won't try that again. I will be cutting the dose in half, then in half again over time with the aim of being off completely maybe by the first of the year. We'll see.

Ethan and Gwen have been growing and learning. Ethan talks incredibly well now (though with a lisp at times) and has quite an attitude. He is *very* terrible two! But he's also very loving and gentle and caring. During the bad times last week, he went out of his way to comfort me and ask me what was wrong and hug me. He's a really good boy. He wears diapers only during nap and bedtime and although he does have an accident here and there, he's done really well with the potty training thing.

Gwen is sassy. She has more personality in her little finger than any other child I know! She has these little "poses" that she does just for the drama, and she is always into something. She loves shoes and wears any pair she can find, including Mommy and Daddy's! Her hair is touching her back now and finally she lets me put "pretties" in her hair and most of the time she won't pull them out. Her talking is far advanced, much farther than Ethan was at this age. Its still strange to see this tiny little thing flying around the house at top speed, fearless and free. Oh, she has gone on the potty a few times. I wouldn't call it potty training per se, but she knows what it is and how to do it. I think in a few months we'll be ready to start officially.

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