Saturday, November 18, 2006

We spent most of today out shopping.

You know how I said we were shopping for new dining chairs. Well, um, it grew into more than that. We ended up with a 3 piece living room set (love seat, sofa, chair) and 6 dining chairs. WAY more than we'd planned on.

However, I can't regret it... our sofa (as many of our visitors know) has been through hard times. Its been peed on, many a coffee has been spilled on it, spots have been worn through the fabric. Honestly, we didn't expect any better of it because it only cost us $300 in the first place. Its purpose was to only last a few years, and it did that well. I've listed it on Craigslist, along with the huge recliner and hopefully they'll go quick so we don't have to store them too long. If anyone is interested, especially after I gave that GREAT sales pitch a few sentences back, let me know. A friend will get 'em for free, we just want them gone.

Our new set is leather like material (its not leather, but it looks and feels just like leather) in a warm latte color. We have come to the conclusion that anything but leather or wood or other wipeable material isn't worth it at this point in our lives. We have dogs and kids. There was a fabric replacement warranty that we purchased. For $60 they will replace any rips, tears, etc for 5 years. We figured that we will need this at least once and only one time would pay for itself. We really didn't spend a ton either. We plan on this set lasting us another 5 years or so and upgrade then, when the kids are mostly past their destructive phase.

We really liked the furniture place we bought from. Huge selection, good quality and decent prices. Even better, both their enormous warehouses are 10 min from our house.

Anyway, we go and get the stuff tomorrow. Mom is graciously coming here in the morning, dropping off the flatbed, taking our car and the kids to church so we can get everything moved out and later that afternoon, everything moved in. I'm also going to try and get the playroom and kids bedroom carpet cleaned.

No trial run on the turkey this year. Just don't have the time! I'll be doing a salt-roasted bird which should be fabu. Since our Thanksgiving group will be small, I can do a regular sized, 14lb turkey. I don't think I've cooked one under 20 lbs in years!

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