Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tonight we had soft tacos for dinner. Incredibly messy and called for a bubble bath, with a good rub down of soap AND shampoo. Generally we only shampoo them once a week and soap even less frequently, but this needed serious intervention.

The wind and rain has been crazy here since about 2pm, but still the power remains on. So nice.

We got some excellent news about my Grandpa. The tumors in his chest have shrunk 40%! He's also lost 12 more lbs of water weight. They won't know about the brain stuff for another week or two, but chances are that if the chest tumors have shrunk the brain ones have too. This is such an answer to the many many prayers that have been surrounding my Grandpa and Grammy over the last weeks.

My new favorite (but its actually kinda old) song:


Anonymous said...

yay!! so glad to hear good news about your grandpa. :)

Michelle said...

Donnie Darko.

I LOVE that movie. It's one of my all-time favs.This song is grand, too. I could listen to it a hundred times in a row. :-)