Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pics from our snow outings, yep, we had two this evening. One before dinner, waiting for our pizza guy to come... we had to help push him out of the snow to get going again and we are not hopeful that he made it back to his work! Ethan and Gwen insisted on round two after dinner.
They LOVE snow!

A tree by our front door, it was standing fully upright just a few hours ago.

Their first snow experience. They were wary.

Mommy building...

and building more, with help


Round two, more confident and ready to roll!

We waited for a serious good laugh to come from this, but she lucked out and didn't get flushed with snow :)

Mmm... snow yummy

It came up to his mid-calf

"Mommy, I'm a dog! I dig!"

I added a dog/cat/rabbit friend to our snow lady.

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