Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ugh. So much to blog about!

Ok, the week started off well, with the new rug and all. Tuesday I took the kids out to my Mom's while I went to therapy and did the last of my Thanksgiving shopping. J and I went out to dinner (eeew, Ixtapa in Snohomish) and then headed out to my Mom's to get the kids. We had a rather nerve racking time there, due to some family stuff going on. I can't really go into detail, but please keep my Aunt and cousins in your prayers for continued strength, healing and peace in this time of change.

Thursday was the big day and we had a good time. My grandparents were able to come which was a huge blessing. We wore Grandpa out quick (no surprise, the kids do that to a person!), but we were so honored that he would come when he was feeling so weary. Grammy came bearing her lovely smile and snacks. We love ya Grandpa and Grammy!

After dinner, something happened that I haven't seen in a long time. My Mom played a game. And not even a board game, but Texas Hold'em! Yes, she played Texas Hold'em and pretty decently at that.

I kicked everyone out at about 8 and zonked out. The next morning I woke with a sore throat, achy head and sinus pain. Ugh.

Despite not feeling well, I worked the entire day on finishing up Jenni's birthday present... Wanna see it? I'm pretty proud, as I'm not crafty in the slightest. I was inspired by my friend Laurie who sent two lovely fleece tied blankets for the kids. Jason didn't tell me I was holding it upside down, so if you can't make it out, its a horse pattern. Its backed with a cream fleece. Oh, and for perspective, I'm standing on the table and its touching the ground... its a huge blanket. I'd say over 100 inches long and about 50 some wide.

Saturday I made some soup for the family get together. It was a potato, leek and fennel soup. Well, I used some homemade turkey stock which was very... turkey-ish. It resulted in a soup tasting like mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, with a hit of fennel. Or that's what I heard anyway, I couldn't taste a thing with being all stuffed up. It was really good to see the Hollenbecks, and our Brynne who had moved so far away was there too.

Today I worked on getting the house picked up, putting out our Christmas stuff and getting laundry done. I've come to an understanding with myself about laundry. I don't mind fetching it out of a basket. I do mind fetching children's clothes though, so I work on putting those away. Otherwise, I don't stress it. I feel somewhat freed by this understanding.

Speaking of Christmas stuff, Ethan and Gwen are utterly fascinated with our nativity set (inherited from my great-grandma Hazel). I'm thinking I'll get them a play nativity because this one is too special to allow much handling.

It was snowing on and off all day, but this afternoon it really started coming down and sticking. The only way we were able to get the kids to nap was to promise that they could go out after they got up.

I'd say we have 2+ inches of snow, easy.

This pic was taken when it first started sticking, around 2:30.

3 hours later...

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Anonymous said...

kristi, if you haven't seen it yet, little people makes a FABulous nativity set... i want it for myself - and i'm old enough to have a "grown up" nativity. ;)