Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reasons not to walk in the driving wind and rain:

  1. You will become soaked. Soaked down to your underwear, despite a hardy rain coat.
  2. The children, while finding it amusing at first (with the rain at their back), don't take to it very well when the rain is now blowing in their faces on the return. This is complicated by the fact that they are strapped tight into a stroller and unable to move.
  3. People will drive by you very slowly and ask if you are need of a drive home.
  4. The wind may kick up strong enough to blow the stroller away from you while you stop to tie your shoe. That's 35lbs stroller weight, 35lbs boy weight and 20lbs girl weight, all moved by the howling wind that is also pushing rain into your face, as previously mentioned.
  5. Your son may keep kicking off his shoes because he finds it humorous that Mommy has to fish the shoe out of puddles to put it back on.
  6. Eventually Mommy stops putting the shoes on and now appears to be a doubly irresponsible parent for taking her children out in the rain and also for taking them out shoeless.
  7. Your daughter may chant, repeatedly, "Wet Mommy! Bath! Wet Mommy! Bath!" If she doesn't receive acknowledgement, she chants louder and with more gusto.
  8. You may become breathless and unable to respond to your children, which can make you appear to be a thrice bad parent (out in rain, shoeless and now ignoring the darling little babes).
  9. When you arrive home, you remove the children, drain, set them down and they immediately want more rain. NOW.
  10. Its ever so exhausting (which I suppose is good from a working out perspective)

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