Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last night we had something out of the ordinary (for us).

I had picked up some Tilapia fillets, frozen, at Costco and we cooked them in foil packets for dinner.

I julienned carrots, fennel and onions (basically all the leftover veg in my fridge), sauteed them briefly in olive oil, then threw in some minced garlic at the end. A bed of veg went on the foil, then the seasoned fish, then more veg on top, a hit of wine and olive oil, seal 'em up and into the oven at 375 for 20 min. Served over rice. Even J liked it.

Today I'm feeling a bit better emotionally, but my head is "jolting" quite a bit. It feels like my brain is trying to make some connection and is missing, and then tries again and makes it. I realize that sounds bizarre. It gets worse when I'm stressed out or feeling overwhelmed. Its uncomfortable.

We're back to torrents of rain, which I don't mind so much. The kids love to splash outside. Jason said the Snohomish valley (right at Marsh road) was pretty much all under water. A few more days of rain and hwy 9 will be closed again through there. Tomorrow I'm going to drive over the trestle and I'm curious to see if the river has breached the levees yet.

Off to watch some TV with Ethan and drink my coffee.

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